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Amputation / Loss of Use Awards

The Ohio workers' compensation system can be confusing. Our learn about pages provide basic information about the Ohio workers' compensation system. You can find out more about the system from our Ohio Workers' Compensation Guide or our explanation of Ohio workers' compensation terms.

Learn about amputation / loss of use awards:

  • The amputation/loss of use award exists to compensate for the loss, or loss of use, of a body part.  An injured worker becomes eligible for the award on the date the amputation or loss of use occurs.
  • R.C. § 4123.57(B) lists the number of weeks of compensation paid for the loss of each body part. The same compensation is paid for loss of use of a body part as for the loss of the body part.
  • An injured worker can receive the award for loss of use of the body part where, for practical purposes, they are unable to use the body part — even if they have some use of that part.
  • Use the C-86 motion form to apply for the amputation/loss of use award. Indicate the exact spot of the amputation or loss of use in the motion and attach a doctor's report to the C-86 form which clearly indicates the exact spot of the amputation or loss of use.
  • Effective September 10, 2012, if you receive an amputation award, the BWC or self-insured employer will pay the award in installments rather than as a lump sum.
  • You can receive an amputation award and a permanent total award for the same injury.
  • The award for loss of an eye, or loss of sight, is based on the percentage of vision the injured worker loses due to the injury or occupational disease.  No compensation for loss of vision is made if the injured worker lost less than 25% of their vision.  The award for loss of vision is based on the injured worker's uncorrected vision, the effect of corrective measures on the injured worker's vision does not affect the award.
  • An award for loss of hearing cannot be made for less than the total loss of hearing in one ear.
  • If the injured worker loses (or loses the use of) two or more fingers, the Commission may increase the amount of the award if the loss creates an occupational disability.  The Commission must consider the effect of the loss on the injured worker's ability to do the work they had been doing when injured.  The increase in the award for loss of use of two or more fingers cannot exceed the award for loss of use of the hand.
  • An award for facial disfigurement is paid when facial disfigurement resulting from the injury interferes with the injured worker's employment opportunities.

See our amputation/loss of use page for more information about the amputation/loss of use award.

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