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Permanent Partial Compensation

The Ohio workers' compensation system can be confusing. Our learn about pages provide basic information about the Ohio workers' compensation system. You can find out more about the system from our Ohio Workers' Compensation Guide or our explanation of Ohio workers' compensation terms.

Learn about permanent partial compensation:

  • The permanent partial award compensates injured workers for permanent impairment resulting from the injury.
  • The permanent partial award is based only on medical impairment. The award is not dependent on whether or not you are working.
  • The permanent partial award DOES NOT settle your claim, it keeps your claim open.
  • There is a waiting period before you can file for a permanent partial award. Claims with a date of injury on or after June 30, 2006 must wait 26 weeks; claims with a date of injury before June 30, 2006 must wait 40 weeks.
  • For medical-only claims, the waiting period is calculated from the date of injury; for lost-time claims the waiting period is calculated from the date of the last payment of temporary total or wage loss compensation.
  • Apply for the permanent partial award by filing form C-92 with the BWC. The BWC will then schedule you for a doctor's exam and issue a tentative order based on the percentage of impairment that the doctor reports.
  • If you are happy with the tentative order, you do not need to do anything else. If you are unhappy with it you can file an objection within 20 days from receipt (use form IC-167-T).
  • At the hearing the District Hearing Officer (DHO) will make a decision awarding a percentage within the range of the doctor's reports.
  • If you are unhappy with the result of the DHO hearing, you can file an application for reconsideration (form IC-88) within 10 days from receipt of the DHO order. The employer can also file for reconsideration.
  • The reconsideration hearing will be in front of a Staff Hearing Officer (SHO) who can accept, reduce or increase the percentage the DHO awarded. You can submit new medical evidence at the SHO hearing.
  • The SHO decision is final and cannot be appealed.
  • You may file for an increase of permanent partial at a later date.

See our permanent partial page for more information about permanent partial compensation.

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