Commission Modifies Continuance Guidelines

Commission Modifies Continuance Guidelines

Posted: April, 2005

Commission Resolution R05-1-01 modifies the continuance guidelines previously set forth in Resolution R03-1-04 and R04-1-02.

In Resolution R03-1-04, the Commission indicated that it will not schedule hearings during a “pre-scheduled vacation, seminar, or plant shutdown” if it is given at least thirty days notice of the pre-scheduled event. Resolution R03-1-04 provided that the Commission would not schedule hearings for such pre-scheduled events for a total of two weeks.

The Commission modified the time period for which it would not schedule hearings in Resolution R04-1-02. Under Resolution R04-1-02, the Commission would only block out ten business days per calendar year due to pre-scheduled events.

Resolution R05-1-01 has again modified the time period. In this resolution, the Commission rescinded resolution R04-1-02. Resolution R05-1-01 indicates that the Commission will not schedule hearings because of a pre-scheduled events for a total of twenty business days per calendar year.

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