Court of Appeals Finds BWC Improperly Reduced Premiums

Court of Appeals Finds BWC Improperly Reduced Premiums

Posted: April, 2000

State, ex rel. United Auto Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America v. Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (4/4/00), Franklin App. No. 99AP-406.

On March 11, 1999, the BWC announced a reduction in premiums for state fund employers. The BWC reduced accrued premiums instead of future premiums. The United Auto Workers filed a suit challenging the BWC’s premium reduction.

The Court of Appeals’ found the BWC’s reduction of accrued premiums improper because R.C. 4123.32, the statute which provides for reduction in premiums, only authorizes the BWC to reduce future premiums. Therefore, the Court orders the BWC to vacate the reduction in premiums.

Note: The BWC appealed this decision to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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