Ohio AFL-CIO Workers’ Compensation Manual

Ohio AFL-CIO Workers’ Compensation Manual

The Ohio Workers’ Compensation Manual helps union workers’ compensation representatives understand the Ohio workers’ compensation system to better represent injured workers. You can order copies of the Manual from the Ohio AFL-CIO. This page provides updates to the 2017 Ohio Workers’ Compensation Manual, and links to useful information.

Chapter 1: Overview

Industrial Commission Resolution R04-1-01 sets forth the standards of conduct for non-attorney representatives.

Our Workers' Compensation Timeline provides a history of the Ohio workers' compensation system.

Chapter 2: Gathering Information

Links to the internet sites discussed in Chapter 2 are available from our links page.

Chapter 3: Evidence

The Commission's web site includes the Medical Examination Manual.

Chapter 4: Processing the Claim

If you need to contact someone at the BWC or Industrial Commission, you can search for state employee phone numbers on the Department of Administrative Services phone search site.

Chapter 8: Time Limits and Jurisdiction

Sub. H.B. 27, the workers' compensation budget bill, amended R.C. 4123.84 and reduces the time limit for filing a claim from two years to one year. (New: July 18, 2017)

Chapter 10: Permanent Total Compensation

  • S.B. 27, which became effective April 6, 2017, added a new fire fighter’s cancer presumption to the schedule of occupational diseases.

    R.C. §4123.68(X) now provides that fire fighters who contract cancer after at least six years of hazardous duty contracted the cancer due to their employment if they were

    exposed to an agent classified by the international agency for research on cancer or its successor organization as a group 1 or 2A carcinogen.

    The BWC has adopted a new form for fire fighters pursuing such claims. The fire fighter must file the new BWC form, the Presumption of Causation for Firefighter Cancer (form C-265), along with the FROI-1. (Updated: May 11, 2017)

  • Sub. H.B. 27, the BWC budget bill, amended the fire fighter cancer presumption to permit rebutting the presumption by demonstrating that exposure to the carcinogen could not have caused the type of cancer; limited the presumption to situations where the fire fighter has not worked in “hazardous duty” for over 15 years (reduced from 20); and permits a fire fighter with a scheduled claim for “cancer contracted by a fire fighter” to receive working wage loss. (New: July 18, 2017)

Chapter 11: Medical Benefits

Find your employer's MCO through the BWC's Employer /MCO look-up.

Find MCO prior authorization information, and MCO contact information, by downloading the MCO directory from the BWC's website.

Chapter 13: Wage Loss Compensation

For more information see: our summary of the wage loss rule and the text of the wage loss rule.

Chapter 14: Permanent Partial Compensation

Sub. H.B. 27, the workers' compensation budget bill, amended R.C. §4123.57 to provide for dismissing a permanent partial application, without prejudice, if the employee misses or refuses to schedule a BWC medical exam without “notice or explanation." (New: July 18, 2017)