Ohio WC Guide: Filing a Claim

Ohio Workers' Compensation Guide

Filing a Claim

An injured worker must file a workers' compensation claim to receive Ohio workers' compensation benefits. The injured worker must ensure that a claim has been filed. Use the FROI-1 form to file an initial workers' compensation claim. Many claims are electronically filed by the managed care organization, when an injured worker seeks medical treatment.

The BWC will send a claim number once it receives a claim. Make sure that the claim number is a BWC claim number. BWC claim numbers currently begin with the last two digits of the year of injury (for example, an 2010 injury claim would begin “10-“). If you have not received a BWC claim number for your claim, check with the BWC to ensure that they have received the claim.

The claim number identifies the claim. Put the claim number on all documents filed with the BWC or Industrial Commission.

You must file the workers' compensation within before the time limit expires or the claim will be forever barred. Because the issue of time limits is important and potentially confusing, if you have a specific question about the time limits for filing a claim, you should contact an attorney.

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