VSSR Cases: Workshops and Factories (Supreme Court)

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Decisions
(Supreme Court)

VSSR: Workshops and Factories

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Johnson, State ex rel. v. Hilltop Basic Resources, Inc. (4/10/02)

(1) Workshop and factory safety code can apply to injury which occurred in fenced-in yard; (2) construction industry safety code does not apply to maintenance work performed for employer not in construction industry; (3) amendment which raises new claim cannot be made once time limit for filing VSSR has passed.

Vote: 7-0
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Parks, State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (3/17/99)

The workshop and factories code provision which applied to the electric utility and clearance tree-trimming industries could only apply to outdoor activities, and therefore applied to this injury.

Vote: 7-0
Opinion by: Justice Lundberg Stratton

Petrie, State ex rel. v. Atlas Iron Processors, Inc. (4/28/99)

Fencing around scrapyard was a sufficient enclosure to qualify as a workshop so that the workshop and factories provision of the safety code applied.

Vote: 5-2
Opinion by: Per Curiam