Temporary Total Cases: Good Faith Job Offer (Supreme Court)

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Decisions
(Supreme Court)

Temporary Total: Good Faith Job Offer

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Coxson, State ex rel. v. Dairy Mart Stores of Ohio, Inc. (12/27/00)

For an offer of suitable work within the injured worker’s physical abilities to justify termination of temporary total, the offer must be clearly within the worker’s medical restrictions.

Vote: 5-0, 2 concur in part and dissent in part
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Ellis Super Value, Inc., State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (9/27/07)

In determining whether to terminate temporary total based on refusal of a good faith job offer, Commission must consider whether job was offered in good faith.

Vote: 6-0 1 concurs in judgment only
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Ganu, State ex rel. v. Willow Brook Christian Communities (3/15/06)

Written job description which which was based on restrictions reported by doctor who did not consider all of the allowed conditions did not support decision to terminate temorary total; defects in written job description cannot be cured by oral assurances regarding job duties.

Vote: 7-0
Opinion by: Per Curiam

Sebring, State ex rel. v. Indus. Comm. (10/7/09)

Refusal of light duty work offer justifies termination of temporary total compensation.

Vote: 6-0
Opinion by: Per Curiam