Injury Cases: Psychiatric (Supreme Court)

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Decisions
(Supreme Court)

Injury: Psychiatric

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Armstrong v. John R. Jurgensen Co. (6/4/13)

For an injured worker to participate for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which arose at same time worker suffered physical injury a causal relation must exist between the physical injury and the PTSD.

Vote: 5-2
Opinion by: French

Bailey v. Republic Engineered Steels, Inc. (2/7/01)

A worker who suffers a psychiatric injury (without a physical injury) satisfies the statutory definition of injury where the psychiatric injury was caused by a co-worker’s physical injury.

Vote: 4-3
Opinion by: Justice Sweeney

Bunger v. Lawson Co. (8/5/98)

Injured worker who suffered a type of injury (psychiatric-only) which was excluded by statute from workers’ compensation coverage could sue the employer in negligence because the workers’ compensation exclusivity provisions only apply to an injury which is covered by the workers’ compensation statutes.

Vote: 4-3
Opinion by: Justice Pfeifer

McCrone v. Bank One Corp. (12/28/05)

R.C. 4123.01(C) exclusion of psychiatric-only injuries does not violate Equal Protection.

Vote: 5-2
Opinion by: Justice Lanzinger