Injury Cases: Controlled Substances (Court of Appeals)

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Decisions
(Court of Appeals)

Injury: Controlled Substances

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Parker v. Honda of Am. Mfg., Inc. (12/28/09)

Dependent of worker who died due to accidental overdose of prescription drug medicine not entitled to participate because exception to provision barring compensation for self-inflicted injury does not apply.

Vote: 3-0
Opinion by: Judge Rogers
Appellate District: 3

Szakal v. Akron Rubber Dev. (12/17/03)

Because undisputed evidence indicated that cocaine use was the proximate cause of the accident, worker was ineligible to participate in the workers’ compensation system under R.C. 4123.54.

Vote: 3-0
Opinion by: Judge Carr
Appellate District: 9

Trent v. Stark Metal Sales, Inc. (3/23/15)

Trial court did not abuse discretion when denying employer ability to present testimony about injured worker’s use of marijuana because such testimony would only be relevant if drug use proximately caused the injury, and proffered evidence did not indicate that injured worker was under the influence of marijuana when the injury occurred.

Vote: 3-0
Opinion by: Judge Baldwin
Appellate District: 5