Commission Reviews Administrative Rules

Commission Reviews Administrative Rules

Posted: November, 2016

The Industrial Commission is reviewing nine administrative rules. Based on its initial review, the Commission has proposed amendments to four of the rules. It is recommending that the other five rules remain unchanged.

The Commission is proposing amendments to:

  • O.A.C. 4121-3-10: Lump sum payments for attorney’s fees for securing an award;
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-15: Percentage of permanent partial disability;
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-32: Temporary disability; and
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-34: Permanent total disability.

The Commission is proposing that no changes be made to the following rules:

  • O.A.C. 4121-3-09: Conduct of hearings before the commission and its staff and district hearings officers;
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-13: Disputed self-insuring employers’ claims;
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-19: Form reference;
  • O.A.C. 4121-3-26: Effect of rules; and
  • O.A.C. 4121-15-10: Standards of conduct for adjudicators.

The text of the proposed amendments can be viewed on the Commission’s web site.

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