BWC Adopts New Temporary Total Forms

BWC Adopts New Temporary Total Forms

Posted: August, 2012

The BWC adopted new C-84 (Request for Temporary Total Compensation) and MEDCO14 (Physician’s Report of Work Ability) forms, effective August 17, 2012.

Injured workers use the C-84 form to request temporary total compensation. The new C-84 form only requires informatin from the injured worker. Unlike the previous C-84 form, it does not include a section for the doctor to fill out. The the treating doctor will use the MEDCO-14 form to report on the injured worker’s ability to work.

The new C-84 form seeks more employment information from the injured worker than the previous form, as well as seeking information about vocational rehabilitation which the previous form did not ask for.

The MEDCO-14 seeks more detailed work status information than the physician’s portion of the previous C-84 form sought, as well as a functional capacities questionnaire for a detailed description of the injured worker’s physical capabilities.

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