Commission Revises Hearing Officer Manual

Commission Revises Hearing Officer Manual

Posted: September, 2004

The Industrial Commission modified its Hearing Officer Manual as follows:

Memo S.2: IC Overpayment Policy

The Commission has modified hearing officer memo, S.2, containing guidelines to be followed by hearing officers when finding an overpayment in a claim. The new provisions of this memo provide that when there is an overpayment from the disabled workers’ relief fund, due to a subsequent correction of the amount of permanent total, no overpayment should be found because the initial payments were made (and accepted) in good faith.

Memo R.11: IC Policy on use of Computers at Hearings

The Commission has modified hearing officer memo R.11, dealing with use of personal computers at hearings. The new memo indicates that personal computers may be used in the hearing room to help with the hearing process, but cannot be used to record, photograph or transmit proceedings unless permission is first obtained from the Commission.

Memo S.9 Rescinded

The Commission has rescinded Hearing Officer Manual Memo S.9, which was titled “employers’ rights and responsibilities in conducting medical examinations pursuant to O.R.C. 4123.651.” The Commission indicated that these “rights and responsibilities” are now provided for in O.A.C. 4121-3-09.

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