Self-Insurer Rules Amended

Self-Insurer Rules Amended

Posted: January, 2002

The BWC amended the following rules relating to self-insured employers, effective December 17, 2001: O.A.C. 4123-19-03, 4123-19-05, 4123-19-06, 4123-19-08, 4123-19-09, 4123-19-10, 4123-19-11, 4123-19-13, 4123-19-14, and 4123-19-15. See highlights of changes to O.A.C. 4123-19-03 and 4123-19-06 below.

O.A.C. 4123-19-03

Changes to this rule require:

  • all self-insurers to report paid compensation electronically via the BWC web site [J];
  • employer notification to the injured worker, where it contests a matter, that they have a right to request a hearing before the Industrial Commission [(K)(5)];
  • on written request by claimant or representative, the employer is to make available for review all the employer’s records pertaining to the claim within 72 hours [(K)(9)] (this rule previously applied only to medical records);
  • employer is to notify claimant and BWC within thirty days on what conditions it allows or denies. This time frame also applies to medical-only claims. [(K)(10)].
O.A.C. 4123-19-06

Grounds for revocation include:

  1. failure to submit reports to injured worker required by law or rule [(A)(1)];
  2. failure to pay claimant’s travel expenses in thirty days [(A)(2)];
  3. continued failure to respond to a request for change of doctor, approval of medical treatment unless contested [(A)(6)].
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