The Truth About Issue 2

The Truth About Issue 2

Posted: October, 1997
What will Issue 2 actually do?

The Big Business coalition which supports Issue 2 has the money to air a slick ad campaign. The Big Business Campaign is founded on the belief that it can fool the public and that it doesn’t have to admit what Issue 2 actually does.

Issue 2 dramatically reduces benefits for injured workers. If it didn’t dramatically reduce benefits, how would it save Big Business money? If it didn’t save Big Business significant amounts of money, why would Big Business spend so much money trying to trick people into voting for it?

Big Business claims Issue 2 is a “waste, fraud and abuse” bill.

They are right. Issue 2 is a waste of time, a fraud on the taxpayer, and an abuse of process.

The television ads supporting Issue 2 are misleading and deceptive. Download The Truth about Issue 2, which tells:

    • The Truth about Benefit Reductions
    • The Truth about Delay
    • The Truth about Lawyers
    • The Truth about Taxes
    • The Truth about Business Economics
    • The Truth about Fraud
    • The Truth about Unions
    • The Truth about Issue 2