S.B. 45 is Bad Because . . .

S.B. 45 is Bad Because . . .

Posted: May, 1997
  1. It denies occupational disease claims unless the disease is “characteristic of” or “peculiar to” the “process, trade, or occupation.” Do you know what that means?
  2. It denies carpel tunnel cases because this disease can arise outside the work place.
  3. It awards permanent partial strictly on the report of the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation examining doctor. Nothing else counts. The report from the treating doctor is not considered.

    Do you remember the three to five minute examinations by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation doctor? This is like letting the insurance company decide how much they will pay on a claim.

  4. Permanent total claims no longer consider the individual’s ability. His or her work experience, lack of transferable skills, education, training do not matter. The only thing that matters is the report of the examining doctor and a person’s age.

    It is estimated that there will be next to no permanent total awards.

  5. Wage loss – reduced to only twenty-six weeks of non-working wage loss. If you don’t find a job, too bad. No more wage loss.
  6. How long will you be eligible to received workers’ compensation? This law cuts the time down for continuing jurisdiction from ten years to five years.
  7. Makes secret the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Safety and Hygiene Division workplace accident investigation reports.

Let’s not treat our Ohio injured workers so shabbily.

Let’s not make Ohio injured workers totally dependent upon family, friends, welfare, the taxpayer. Workers’ compensation is supposed to be there to help injured workers.