Issue 2 — Opponent’s Statement

Issue 2 — Opponent’s Statement

Posted: October, 1997

The Committee challenging Issue 2 prepared the following Opponent’s Statement to Issue 2:

Senate Bill 45 is the most destructive attack on injured workers in Ohio history. It destroys the safety net that your family currently has when you are injured on the job. Vote “No” on Issue 2 to reject Senate Bill 45.

S.B. 45 is the fourth law passed since 1986 that takes benefits from injured workers and their families. The $200,000,000.00 (two hundred million dollars) corporations will reap from S.B. 45 will be followed by future legislation taking even more. Now is the time for Ohioans to say “STOP”; Enough is enough!

Senate Bill 45 is devastating because it takes Workers’ Compensation benefits away from injured workers. Some examples:

  • Cuts by 50% the time a claim remains open for payment of compensation and medical benefits.
  • Reduces compensation for occupationally diseased workers.
  • Reduces wage loss compensation.
  • Discriminates against women by virtually eliminating their ability to file a successful claim for carpal tunnel and other repetitive motion injuries — injuries common to women who do repetitive work or are forced to use tools designed for men.
  • Prohibits consideration of medical reports from treating doctors on awards for permanent impairment of bodily function. Awards are based solely on the state doctor report.
  • Denies permanent total compensation to seriously injured workers who are unable to return to gainful employment due to their injury by eliminating consideration of disability factors (education, work experience, transferable skills) long deemed essential by Ohio Supreme Court decisions.
  • Prohibits workers access to state safety documents, making such records unavailable to workers whose claims may be affected.

The corporate interests pushing this legislation promise to spend millions in this campaign to keep their $200 million legislative give-away. Don’t let them get away with it. Let us be fair to injured workers.