Ohio AFL-CIO Submits Petitions Seeking Adoption of Two New Rules

Ohio AFL-CIO Submits Petitions Seeking Adoption of Two New Rules

Posted: April, 1996

The Ohio AFL-CIO submitted petitions seeking the adoption of two new administrative rules. The rules would deal with processing of self-insured claims and bureau termination of medical payments.

The rule dealing with processing self-insured claims had 5737 signatures; the rule dealing with bureau termination of medical payments had 6844 signatures.

The two proposed rules are:

  1. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation — Processing
    On receipt of the motion or application in a self-insured claim, after the initial application, the bureau of workers’ compensation shall A) send a copy to the self-insured anployer and advise it: 1) that it has thirty (30) days to respond; 2) that it should contact the Industrial Commission Hearing Administrator if it agrees to the motion or application and does not want a hearing; and B) transmit the file to the Industrial Commission for hearing.
  2. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation — Medical Matters
    In an allowed claim, the Bureau of Woorkers’ Compensation may not cease payment of medical benefits on its own initiative. Should the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation believe medical benefits should be decreased or terminated it shall so notify the injured worker and his/her representative, if any, in writing, setting forth the basis for its conclusion together with a copy of any medical report supporting its position, and clearly identify those people responsible for the opinion. The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation shall request a hearing on the matter from the Industrial Commission and so advise the injured worker and his/her representative.
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